Capturing Stories at The Farmer’s Market

HOW DO STORIES IMPACT OUR INTERACTION WITH THE WORLD? My Story —   Your Story —Our story What is the importance of using ‘liv [...]

Minecraft Recipes – Rate and Percent

Minecraft in Math Class “We use it because we can build and design stuff with supplies and tools that we would never be able to access in [...]

Minecraft in the Classroom

As a mother of two boys that use the Minecraft platform to build and design, I feel fortunate to have come into this classroom with a famili [...]

Building Community – Day 4

Last period on Friday.  TEA. In our community circle we raised our glasses and gave a “toast” to a new year.  This practice is [...]

Creating Learning Spaces

The learning environment is what will help create community. Before anything, students need to feel safe. Not just physically safe, but safe [...]

Teaching Vocabulary

Many of my students have a strong understanding and innovative use of vocabulary.  They enjoy vocabulary games, and thrive when engaged in [...]

Day One.

I stood and stared for several minutes. At first, my heart sank. But as I stood there and examined these ancient tools, my mind wondered  [...]
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